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Money spell

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Published by Kalpesh Dave in Money Spell · Thursday, 28. December 2023
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Money Spell Ritual

Are  you having problems with Money? Then a Thursday, during the waning moon  is the perfect day for you to finally solve those problems once and for  all with this money spell that works instantly!

What do you need to cast a money spell?
• One Purple Candle
• Jupiter Oil (if you don’t have it, just use Olive Oil)
• Jupiter Incense (or any nice smelling incense will work)
• Paper
• Pen
• Fireproof dish

How to cast money spell that works instantly?
1. Anoint your candle with the oil.

2. Draw a square of Jupiter and place it under the purple candle.

3. Light the candle and incense

4.  On a clean sheet of paper list all your money troubles, be they debts, unfulfilled desires, fears, etc. Be as specific as you can be.

5.  Call upon the God of Prosperity by whatever name is most appropriate,  such as Zeus, Jupiter, Thor, Sachiel, or just “Lord of Infinite  Prosperity and Wealth.” One at a time, read off these troubles, out  loud, which you have listed. Feel them being given over to this great  Divine Power. Let them go. Let them be solved on your behalf. Unburden  yourself completely.

“God  of all abundance, God of Wealth, God of all things good, take from me  all that is not working. Take from me these burdens. Take from me what  is not mine. Free me from all bondage. Cleanse my mind of all thoughts  and ideas that are unlike your thoughts of infinite wealth and riches.”


6. Place this paper in front of the burning candle.

7.  On a new sheet of paper (or multiple sheets if necessary), write out  your vision of a perfect resolution that you can envision for your  financial life. Dare to be specific. Take some time, and fill up some  pages. Write out precisely the financial life you DO desire.

8. Address the God of Wealth directly again. Read off your new vision out loud. Then say,

"Infinite  Abundance is now mine. I accept it in your Divine Order, and through  your Divine Love. Thank you that this is so now."

9. Light your list of money troubles in the flame of the candle, and place it to burn in the fire resistant dish.

10.  Allow the candle to burn down and out. You may burn it a little each  day if necessary, but never leave a candle burning unattended.

11. Commit to reading your new vision each day, out loud, until you feel confident that all is well financially.

12.  Once the candle has finished burning, sign the back of the square of  Jupiter that was under the candle, and place it in your purse or wallet,  where you carry your cash, knowing that the God of Wealth multiplies  your wealth exceedingly, each and every day.

13. Any time a financial worry comes to your mind, remind yourself immediately,

”This has been taken care of in Divine Order already. All is Well with me now and forever.”

Even if one hundred financial worries come to you in an hour, repeat this one hundred times to dissolve them.
Do not allow a negative thought about money to go unresolved.

Soon  you will find that you have conditioned yourself to wealth and Divine  financial order. And you will see results in a very short time.

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Thursday, 19. March 2020
Kalpesh sir u r great ,super. Explanation is so clear ,understand very easily. Thank you so much .
Supriya Poojary
Monday, 01. October 2018
Abundant info & knowledge shared , more than expected anytime.
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