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What is a ReiKi Master?

It is not an absolute requirement to teach after taking the Master/Teacher Level. Although this is fundamentally the objective for this level, however, it is not necessary that you must teach. Very often students only want to increase their knowledge base or to enhance their healing abilities.

Whatever your motives are for wishing to advance to the Reiki Master/Teacher Level, know that they are respected and I am sure will certainly be the right choice for you.

To be a Reiki Master/Teacher requires more than just receiving a certificate - it requires you to remain dedicated to your values and principles. Your knowledge, experience, understanding and compassion are assets unique to you and thus very valuable. Showing wisdom and compassion to every living thing is the very first step in becoming a great healer and teacher. To be an effective teacher you must realize that teaching doesn't stop once the workshop is over - you should be willing to remain available to your students if they require additional assistance or guidance.

"Nature provides with plenty, but never to waste" Takata sensei

The main focus for a Reiki Master is about seriously and consciously committing yourself to living a balanced lifestyle and also maintaining spiritual discipline. A Reiki Master always respects the earth and nature and is sensitive to beauty in all forms. A Master maintains a moderation in all their activities. Thus Attunement of Teacher Level done by Master it opens your heart and you begin to feel unconditional love and compassion for all things. Being a Master is all about serving others with love, of course, with permission!
Qualities of a true Master:
A Master never judges, is always impersonal, detached and yet compassionate.

A Master has great understanding of the Cosmic Laws and he/she has the ability to recognize the causal effect in others.

A Master is egoless and also never flatters the human ego.

A Master spends a considerable amount of time and effort on personal spiritual growth.

A Master never makes you feel bad or guilty about yourself, on the contrary, he/she helps you build self-esteem and courage.

A Master almost never speaks of his/her background or himself/herself   unless useful in the conveyance of spiritual teachings to others.

A Master is universal and secular in his attitudes. He/she sees all men as an expression of the Supreme, regardless of their religion, their color, race, etc.

Masters do not argue. They know that a believer does not need explanations and for a non-believer none will suffice.

A Master never judges the outer personality of others but looks into their soul for value.

A Master is always detached, impersonal and aloof, but his/her heart is full of love for everyone.

A Master appreciates and is grateful to the Divine One for even the smallest of services that is offered to him/her.

A true Master concentrates upon raising the consciousness, improving character, spirituality, and increasing the wisdom and the understanding of his students.

True Masters are humble and are aware that they still have many things   to master and learn. They know that they are still undergoing the learning process.

Dear new Masters, after the successful completion of the Reiki Master/Teacher Level it must seem impossible to go about changing, healing or teaching masses of people all at once, but remember, as with everything, its one step at a time. Each time you are able to make a positive difference in just one person's life by sincerely sharing your accumulated knowledge and wisdom, then as a Reiki Master/Teacher, you are performing a miraculous service. Reiki is a wonderful benefit you can offer to humanity, the planet and to the universe! Please do send healing to the Earth everyday so that it becomes forever peaceful and beautiful!

"To truly become more effective Reiki healers, we should not focus on developing our breathing, we should focus on developing our compassion" Kenji Hamamoto.

In Reiki, Master means teacher. A Master has taken the responsibility to help others on their path. A Reiki Master has chosen to walk the path of healing and has made a commitment to show others how to heal themselves and others by showing them the way. It is not a designation to be used for ego inflation. A Reiki Master is one who is able to stay in his or her own energy and not interfere with the path of another being.

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