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Your security and privacy are our priority; it is not our policy to pass your e-mail address or details to other traders.  You are required to submit Your information at the time of making an online purchase on the Website. The information you provide is solely to enable us to process your order and provide a high level of customer service. The information concerning you will be accurate and up to date and will be held in accordance with the law.

Secure trading on the Internet is a major concern for most people today, particularly concerning credit card transactions. Your credit-card details are transacted upon secure sites of approved payment gateways which are digitally under encryption, thereby providing the highest possible degree of care as per current technology. A great deal of progress has been made in recent times in securing transactions on the Internet. In fact, most e-mail transmissions are likely to be more secure than terrestrial card transactions or those using phone or fax lines.

Life With Colours uses an online payment gateway that is operated by a third party and the information that You share with Life With Colours is transferred and shared with such third party payment gateway operator. The said operator may also have access to Your online purchase history/details that You make from the Website.
Any personal information provided to Life With Colours Direct is used solely by Life With Colours.
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