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Start Seeing Angels…
Where to Look and
How to See Your Angels!

How to Start Seeing Your Angels…

You have angels who are with you, guiding you, and looking out for you from behind the scenes.

With a little bit of technique, by setting the intention, and with some practice and persistence, you can learn to start seeing your angels with your own eyes.

  • How to see Angels
  • What Angels really look like
  • Release fear around seeing Angels
  • A simple process for seeing an Angel!
  • Seeing Angels in Nature
  • Seeing Angels around other people
  • Types of Angels and others Spiritual beings you may see
  • Resources to start seeing Angels

So How Do You See Angels?
Firstly, keep in mind that angels are spiritual beings. While angels can and will appear in physical form by appearing right in front of you, this is much rarer than their appearing energetically.

When angels do appear energetically (as they often do), you can see them by having a relaxed point of focus, looking through the air before you, between the particles of light to see your angels with your intuitive mind and through your spiritual sight.

What Do Angels Really Look Like?

Before we go over the specifics on how you can start seeing angels now, I just want to point out that it's very likely that you've already seen an angel… Seriously!

Have you ever seen something out of the corner of your eye? Perhaps a glow of light around someone, or near you, and you turned to see what it was and then it was gone? This very well may have been an angel.

Seeing angels as orbs or sparkles of light is very common for children, and adults who are in a relaxed, and uplifted vibration.

But what about seeing angels in flowing gowns, with wings, halos and radiating with a brilliant light? Is this possible?

The answer is yes! Angels will appear energetically before as you have seen them in artwork. They will often appear as you expect them to, or in a way which you can recognize and relate to.

There really is a great variety in what angels look like, from playful childlike cherubs to nine foot tall light beings radiating with a brilliant white light of unconditional love and Divine frequency. Angels really do not have a specific gender, but will often appear as male or female, so that you can relate to them.

Sometimes angels appear with wings, but not always. They don't actually need wings to fly, but will sometimes appear with wings, representing their ability to carry out the Divine will, and so that you will recognize them. I've seen angels with large beautiful wings, small fairy like wings, and with no wings at all, but simply radiating light from within.

Angels are energetic beings, and so they may appear to look a bit different on separate occasions, depending on what they're helping you with. You may see flashes of light, swirls of color, or sparkles in the air as your angels move about.

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