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What is Crystal Healing?

While Allopathy and homeopathy deal with chemical imbalances, crystal therapy deals with healing the energy imbalances in the body, by placing crystals on or around the body. A crystal when placed on the body, works with the human aura by passing on energy. Crystals are thus used to cleanse the aura, remove blocks to help smooth flow of energy and reenergise people.

Various factors are considered before choosing the crystals for the healing, for each crystal contains specific properties.
Quartz crystals are the most famous of natural crystals. They are composed of silicon and oxygen (silicon dioxide). Since the human body too contains silicon dioxide, some suggest this helps energy to transfer from the crystal to the body. Crystals grow in the womb of the earth and thus like all living organisms crystals can transmit as well as receive energy. Scientific experiments have also proved that no two crystals are alike and that each crystal has a specific vibration.

Crystals are differentiated by their colour and type. The presence of other elements inside the crystals, changes the colour and properties of the crystal. For example, while clear quartz is transparent and is said to amplify energy, amethyst gets its violet/purple colour from the presence of magnesium inside a quartz crystal and is used for treating migraines, improving mental prowess etc. The colour of the crystal thus plays a big role in determining its use. Colours have a specific impact on our chakras or energy centres. The colours of the rainbow start with the lowest frequency red and move to the highest Violet. Much impact has been found in meditations and healings using crystals, by placing stones of the rainbow colours on the corresponding lowest (pelvic area) to highest (crown) chakra.

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