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How do these crystals
help in healing?

Everything in this earth, all matter, is energy in some form or the other. Air, water, sound, light are all energies. There is a certain healing energy or life-force that pervades this universe. While the Chinese call it chi, reiki taps into the healing power of the sun and the ancient Indian Ayurvedic system defines this energies into 3 categories or doshas namely pitta, vata and kapha.

The human body is a mass of energy and atoms. While atoms comprise the physical body, the aura enveloping the body, is the invisible energy.

The aura can now be photographed though Kirlian photography (putting to rest doubts of many skeptics that such an energy field does not exist). This energy field around the body is continuously fed by seven chakras (or energy zones). These chakras absorb as well as transmit energy continually and every chakra relates to functioning of specific glands in the physical body. The brightness or dimness of the aura depends solely on the well being within the individual.

Our mind and body’s functioning as well as the world around us, continues to impact our physical state and emotions continually. Any changes in our outer and inner world leaves some impact on us, altering the way we feel. This results in an imbalance in our body. Crystals act as conduits and help a person connect with the universal healing energies. It is said that you don’t choose the crystals and that the crystals choose you. People often feel an affinity towards a certain crystal which may appeal to them due to its size, colour etc. But in truth this attraction is due to the vibrations of the crystal which connect with the human energy field. Though this vibration is invisible to the naked eye, with time and use, people can tune in to those energies and feel the vibrations by just by holding a crystal.
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