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What are Angel numbers?

Baby angels
Angels are always present to help us find our ways towards our goal, but have their own ways of doing that! Sometimes, they respond with direct intervention and other times they may answer us with divine guidance.

“Divine guidance leads us to positive and healthful directions, and it can come to us as an intuitive feeling, brilliant ideas, visions and dreams, or signs. Signs include anything significant we see or hear that answer our questions or needs,” says Doreen Virtue.

Angels are incredibly pure spiritual beings with magnificently elevated vibrations.

The unconditional love and light energy of angels are very high and their voices are very light and pure.

That as humans we aren’t able to see, feel, and hear their presence until we raise our vibration, and release layers of belief and filters blocking us from experiencing the angelic realms.

One of the most common signs the angel sends us are number sequence such as 111, 333, and 1234. Numbers are the most common way Angels choose to communication with humans. You might notice these numbers on automobile license plate, telephone numbers, grocery store receipt or the change the clerk gives to you.

When you notice the same number flashing again and again you may wonder ‘What does this mean? Or Why these number keep on flashing again and again?’

The Angels are very pure spirits and are always ready to help us but Angels will only help us when we ask them for their help and assistance. Angels can’t violate our free will. Instead, they will wait for us to request help before intervening in our lives.

How to Easily Interpret Angel Numbers?

This earth is full of numbers, you may seem to notice numbers every day and every time you go for a morning walk or on your phone numbers, but when the same sequence of numbers or a number you keep on noticing cannot be an accident. You may want to know the meaning of these numbers you keep on noticing.

You will find a brief guide with the meaning of the angel numbers 1-9 plus 11, 13, 22, and 33! When you notice a certain number seems to be reappearing for you. Further, you will find on the “Meaning of Angel numbers.”

Meaning of Angel Numbers

God is talking to you. When you see a zero, it’s a sign of the endless circle of Omega without beginning or end. God is trying to get your attention with a word or reassurance or Divine guidance.

Stay positive. Everything you are thinking right now is coming true, so be sure you are thinking about what you desire. Give nay fear to God and the Angels.

Everything’s fine and will continue be so. Keep believing, especially since your feelings or hope lead to more positive outcomes. The Angels will guide your faith if you ‘ll ask for their help.

The ascended masters are helping you. Usually this means an ascended master you feel close to. For example: Jesus, Quan Yin, Sai Baba or any spiritual figure.

The angels are with you. They send you the number 4 to reassure you that they’ve heard your prayers and are hearing you.

A significant change is occurring, always for the better. It’s a good change upon Heaven for help with life changes.

Don’t worry or obsess about material items including money. Worry lowers the effectiveness of your prayers. Fortunately, the angels can answer your prayers if you ask them to.

You’re on the right path, and the outcome will exceed your expectations! The number 7 is a sign that Divine magic is supporting you and opening doors of opportunity.

The number 8 signifies abundance and prosperity. The endless loops in this number signify infinite flow of money, time, ideas, or whatever else you require (especially for your life purpose).

Get to work, Lightworker now! The number 9 means you’ve completed all the conditions to achieve your life purpose. Stop postponing, as it’s time to start taking action steps. Even baby steps

Stay positive! Your thoughts are materializing rapidly, so you want to ensure positive outcomes by focusing only on the good within yourself, others, and the situation.

The ascended masters (such as Jesus, Quan Yin, Sai Baba, and son on) are with you, helping you maintain a positive outlook. The number 13 signifies that female ascended masters and goddesses are assisting you in staying positive.

The angels can see the positive results on your prayers, and they want you to have patience and stay optimistic while the final details are being worked out in the Heaven. This is an urgent call from the angels to “keep in faith”!

You have a strong and clear connection with one or more ascended masters, who have answered your call and your prayers. Keep talking to them, as they are helping you with your present situation.

0 is actually a very common angel number to see. The first and most obvious meaning of seeing 0 is Oneness. 0 is like a circle in that it is unending. Seeing it is a sign of you oneness with the God, your angels, and All That Is.
Seeing the angel number 0 is a call to open your heart, tune into your intuition, and tap into your direct connection with the Divine and all of the guidance, healing and uplifting frequency available for you therein.

The number brings you the urgent message that your thoughts are manifesting instantly, so keep your mind set focused upon your desires, Give any fearful thoughts to Heaven for transmutations

Trust that everything is working out exactly as it’s supposed to, with Divine blessings for everyone involved. Let go and have faith.

You are completely surrounded, protected, loved, and guided by the kind ascended masters.

There are angels, they’re everywhere around you! You are completely loved, supported and guided by many Heavenly beings, and you have nothing to fear.

Huge changes are rumbling throughout your entire life! To keep these changes on the highest possible course, be sure to keep your thoughts positive, and stay centred in your prayers and affirmations.

Your thoughts are too focused on material illusions. Raise your thoughts spiritually to get your life back on track.

You are definitely on the right path in every area of your life. Stay balanced and spiritually aware so that you can continue moving forward on this illuminated path.

This is very auspicious sign of complete financial support from the Universe. Money is flowing in your direction.

This is a message signifying completion of an important chapter in your life, now it’s time to get to work without postponing on your next life chapter. This number sequence is like an alarm clock, ringing louder in order to jolt you into working on your life purpose

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