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How to Learn Your Guardian Angels Names!
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Discover Your Guardian Angels Name!

Everyone has Guardian Angels with them throughout life on Earth. From birth to death your guardian angels are with you, even if you're not yet aware of their presence.

You don't need to know the names of your Guardian Angels to call them in, ask for help, or tune into their guidance… But it can be helpful, and fun, to call upon your Guardian Angel by name.

To discover the name of your Guardian Angel, find a comfortable and quiet place, where you can be free from interruptions…

Sit in a comfortable and relaxed position, with your feet planted on the floor, and your hands gently placed in your lap in an upward facing position.

Relax and breathe for a little while. Imagine white light all around you and that you're breathing it in. When you exhale, let go of thoughts and emotions, and allow your mind to naturally become clearer and clearer.

Consciously tense your body a bit, and then relax into an even deeper, more peaceful state.

Focus on your breathing. Take in deep breaths of white light, and as you exhale, focus on surrendering, and on simply letting go.

You may want to count your in-breaths, one at a time, until you get to 15 or 20… This will help you to focus fully on the present moment. Breathe, release thought, focus within, consciously relax, and let go.

When you're really feeling relaxed, centred, and present in the moment…

Think or say “Guardian Angel, please come in and connect with me now.”

Return your awareness to your breath, while observing any shifts in your state as your guardian angel responds to your request.

Breathe and relax.

Now, consciously focus on your own name. Mentally say, and visualize your name appearing before you three times.

Then when you're ready, mentally ask: “Guardian Angel… What is your name?”

Trust that when you ask you will receive an answer. Gently return your focus to your breathing, and to being present in a detached state of awareness.

Quiet your thoughts, and patiently listen for the name of your Guardian Angel. You may hear a name, or you may receive this information as a feeling, picture, a thought, or you may suddenly have a name impressed upon your consciousness.

If you're not receiving a name…

Repeat the above relaxation process, and then ask your Guardian Angel to speak louder so you can clearly hear the name they're giving you.

Remain open as to the name you will receive. It may feel like you're making it up, but having a name suddenly pop into your mind is one of the most common ways to “hear the name of your Guardian Angel”.

Be aware, and take note of the first name you hear, or that comes into your mind. Don't worry if the name is somewhat unusual or strange to pronounce, as this is somewhat common when it comes to the names of Guardian Angels as well. Your Guardian Angel may have a common name, or it may be a series of tones.

Accept the name you receive for your Guardian Angel.

If you're quickly doubting what you received, ask your angel to give you signs over the next week to validate the name they've shared with you.

After receiving the name of a Guardian Angel, many people immediately turn to Google to try to find more information out about them… I don't really recommend this, because your Guardian Angel is unique to you.

Rather than trying to find info about them online, practice calling them in by name, meditate with them, and then move onto establishing communication, and working together to tap into all that you want to know.

The information you receive directly from your Guardian Angel about who they are, and what they can help you with will be far more accurate and personal than what you could ever find by searching for their name online.

Learn Your Guardian Angels Name!

In itsn most simple form, to receive the name of your guardian angel relax, focus within, and ask! You will then receive the name of your Guardian Angel.

Your trust and belief that this process will work makes a huge difference.

Know that you can do this, after all it's your Guardian Angel, and they're so ready and willing to help you learn to call them by name!

Thank your Guardian Angel for sharing their name with you. Repeat it in your mind a few times, write it down, and use it to call upon your Guardian Angel often, at any time.

Guardian Angels are always happy to connect, to help, and to offer unconditional love and guidance!

With love, light and gratitude,

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