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Treating Future Situations with Reiki

This Reiki technique requires about 10 to 15 minutes to be completed. It can be used for enriching future situations with Reiki.

  • Draw the distance treatment symbol once and repeat the name of this symbol thrice mentally.
  • Describe or name the particular situation you want to provide Reiki three times. Say - I want to give Reiki to this situation - try to specify the day (date, month and year) and the approximate time duration of that situation.
  • Draw the mental healing symbol once and repeat the name of this symbol thrice mentally. Send it to the situation. Keep sending energy as long as you feel it’s well received.
  • Seal everything by drawing and repeating the name of the power symbol thrice.

Keep in mind that treating other people involved in a situation requires you have the recipient’s permission; send the energy only to yourself when treating a future situation using this Reiki technique.

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