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Psychic Surgery- Etheric recovery

Reiki Psychic Surgery (RPS) is:-
  • Completely non-invasive
  • Safe when done by a credited Reiki Practitioner

Psychic surgery is a phrase with many meanings:
  • to some it refers to drawing negative energy out of the energy field and/or the body,
  • to others it means the removal of thought forms,
  • and to still others it refers to processes such as the removal of memory imprints or soul retrieval.

However, RPS as discussed here, is a technique to remove deep-rooted blocks of negative or stagnant energy from the energy body.

Remove Blockages
The root-cause of disease are often these blockages and if they are not dealt with effectively can cause great anguish, suffering, pain and imbalance.
Negativity can collect in the body around individual organs and chakras, effectively suffocating and hampering their growth and functioning.
RPS is a very effective way of dealing with these negative aspects, relieving and/or healing physical, mental and emotional health problems.

The procedure as follows:
1. Draw the Usui Master symbol on both of your hands and clap them together 3 times with mental chanting of its name to 3 times. Do the same with the Power, cleansing, Mental and distant Healing Symbols. Then draw Cho Ku Rei it over your Heart and Crown chakras to open them.

2. Visualise special protective cover for yourself Say a prayer, or affirmation, either out loud, or to yourself. Ask your Reiki Guides, the angels, archangels, all healing beings of light and the Source to work with you to create the most powerful healing possible. Ask that the healing take place within Divine Love and wisdom so that the highest good is created for all concerned.

3. Now create ‘Reiki Fingers’ by pulling your physical fingers and imagining that you are extending them in the air about 6 to 8 inches.

4. As you do this, breathe in through partly closed lips so you can hear the air flowing. Do this 3 times for both the hands.

5. Then pat the ends of your imaginary extended fingers and imagine you can actually feel them. Draw the Power Symbol at the ends of the fingers. Do this with both hands.

6. Using your hands, imagine that you are "reaching in" and "grabbing" the negative energy with your "extended" Reiki fingers, pulling it out and sending it into the Universe to be transmuted.

7. Visualize cleansing, blockage removing after this draw the Power and Antahkarana Symbol over the affected area.

8. Stand in a powerful position and with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual intention in other words with the full strength of your being.

9. When you pull the negative energy out, breathe in vigorously through partly closed lips, making an audible sound. When you release the energy up to God, breathe out vigorously. When using your breath in this way imagine you are breathing through your hands. This will prevent you from pulling the negative energy into yourself.

10. Continue to pull the negative energy out for several minutes. As you do so, you may feel a change in how the area feels. This means that you are making some progress. Try pulling from different angles and sides of the area. Allow yourself to be guided as to what to do and how to do it. Let the area that is being healed ‘speak’ to you and guide you.

11. After continuing for 4 or 5 minutes ask the client how they feel and if they perceive any change in the shape of the negative energy. If the shape is gone, you are through with this part. If it is partially there, continue to pull the negative energy out until the client reports that it is completely gone, or has been replaced with positive energy.

12. Each time that you grab some negative energy and pull it out, shake your hands off just as you would do if you were shaking water off of them. This will shake the negative energy off your hands.

13. Once flung off the hands, the energy simply dissipates into the ethers. It does not collect in the space. In fact, shaking your hands and/or crystals in the manner described above is one of the most effective cleansing techniques available, and the leading one used by many (3)clairvoyants.

14. If after several sets of pulling the negative energy is still present, you will need to communicate with the area to find out if there is any further information which can be received. Draw the Mental/Emotional Symbol on the area, hold your hands on it and ask it directly for guidance, and if there is a lesson to learn in order for the negative energy to be released. Ask the client to focus on the area and say whatever come into their mind - even if it seems crazy, illogical, or embarrassing. You should also say whatever come into your mind.

15. After receiving and acting on the guidance or information which comes, continue pulling out the negative energy asking the client to report the results.

16. Sometimes all the negative energy releases in the session and at other times a process of release is started which continues on its own for several hours or days.

17. The area should be treated afterwards with Reiki to fill it with healing energy. Use the Power Symbol to seal the treatment.

18. Then use the symbol, Raku, to break the connection between you and the person: done in the following manner
a. Draw Raku three (3) times in with your hand in air between you and the person and repeat its name three (3) times.
b. Retract your ‘Reiki fingers’ by pushing them back
Use a ‘Karate Chop’ in the air between you and the client to break the connection.

19. Continue with standard Reiki treatment using all the hand position.

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