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Not Taking on the Client's Symptoms

Reiki is a form of healing consisting of channelization of energy. This holistic energy is guided by ‘Highest Power of Universe’ and there are least chances for practitioner to attract negativity from client. Western Reiki believes that this can’t happen at all, but conventional form of treatment still believes that there can be negative energy transfer too. The practitioner might feel drained off after their Reiki session and it is a rare experience.

If anyone faces awkward situation with Reiki, they should consider the fact that nothing can happen, unless it is created for you. There is a way opened for deeper healing and self-understanding with Reiki and at that stage, if something unwanted occurs, it will be definitely due to some energetic imbalances of practitioner within their own body. This way, they open their minds to take the client’s symptoms or drain off their own energy.

There is another case in this aspect. If you wish to produce some specific results, it is essential to listen to your client. The interest of practitioner is essential to cure the client completely. The practitioner should take the client’s pain or illness, and understand their problem beforehand to get personal energy exchange. When the practitioner get involved emotionally with client than definitely the negative energies of client comes into the reiki practitioner and because of this; the practitioner get drained, tired, feel low energy in body and sometimes also falls a sick. But in this case the clients get 100% positive result in their problem.
There are different ways to get remedial for this problem.
1. Reiki treatments require to keep their personal energies aside while performing healing of body.
2. It is always good to begin the treatment with a note of prayer. Usui power symbols and affirmations can help in beginning a treatment on positive side.
3. Before beginning a treatment, draw the power symbol on the palms of each hand
4. You can relate the symbols with different body chakras. Your intensions for energy channelization should be clear and precise.
5. As you do this, intend that doing so will prevent the client's symptoms from entering your energy field while leaving your own energy intact.
6. Then to yourself, in a very certain and definite manner, repeat an affirmation such as this: "I choose not to take on the client's negative energy. I am not interested in exchanging any of my personal emotional energy to client" Repeat these words several times before beginning the session.
7. It is always better to deal with the problems and heal body parts by using various Reiki techniques suiting your body and mind.
8. When you finish the whole session of reiki with others than, in night before sleeping do the self-healing practice for yourself.
9. This will keep you balance with reiki energy.
10. How to lock or close the reiki energy
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