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Meaning of Shinpiden

Shinpiden means "The Deep Mystery" or “Mystery Teachings”

This is a Master Teacher Manual for the three levels Usui system of Reiki. This covers both traditional and contemporary Reiki techniques. Some see level III as the completion of their Reiki training. In reality there is nothing to complete, nothing to attain, and this gives you nothing you did not already have. It is not an end but a new beginning. It is a return to simplicity that we had when we learned Reiki I and had no Symbols and just the energy. It is the greatest gift to be able to share Reiki with others and it is a joyful thing to do and share in Attunements.

When This Reiki level three class is completed and the Reiki three Attunement has been received the student will be a Reiki Practioner.
Some Masters will only teach those people who are willing and able to completely dedicate their lives to Reiki. I feel that Reiki and other energy work systems should be widely available to people who sincerely wish to learn to use them.

Many Reiki practitioners want to take the Master level to complete their Reiki training. There is no way to complete your spiritual development and personal evolution. This is an ongoing process. The Reiki Master training is a new beginning for sharing Reiki with others and for opportunities to enhance your own development.

Being A Reiki Master does not mean you are better or wiser or more enlightened than anyone else it just means that you are able to transfer the ability to transmit Reiki Attunement to others. I feel that a Reiki Master should make an effort to live in an ethical way and to be responsible for their actions and intentions.

Some teachers teach a Reiki 3a or personal Master level between Reiki 2 and the teaching level. Some of these classes only teach the use of the empowerment Symbol for personal use and healing and others will teach a number of nontraditional techniques.

The ultimate aim of Reiki is to balance the whole being: body, mind & spirit.
Empowering Reiki and extending the use of Reiki
1. Reiki energy flow will be increased
2. Accomplishing the purpose of life (Reaching higher level of spiritual dimension)
3. Establishing “self” (Becoming aware of the true meaning of life and being part of the universal life)
4. Exercising love (Spreading the vibration, mingling with people, growing together)
5. Exercising harmony (Raising your level of vibration, contributing to the world peace and the happiness of Human Beings)

Need of awakening
1. Most people are not aware of the fact that the destruction is caused by the vibrations they have created.
2. Those who are aware of it feel they cannot do anything about it alone.
3. The truth is that changes can be brought by increasing the consciousness level of everyone.

Everything contains the Root memory within
1. The sea and mountains, people and animals, all retain the Root memory (vibration) inside.
2. If you vibrate at a higher level, you will resonate with the Root memory and can recover it.
3. You can extend the resonance to the universe level.

Symbols are given
1. The highest Symbol in Reiki (Master Symbol)
2. Helps connect to the higher consciousness and to bring light
3. A valuable Symbol that acts as the key to true self-establishment

The key phrase for level 3 –
Increase the conscious wave level and live creatively
1. By connecting to the consciousness in the higher dimension and growing spiritually through everyday life, you will be awakened to be the true self which is in essence the same as the higher being.
2. You will learn the meaning of your existence and the mission you should accomplish.
3. Your soul will be purified and you will grow spiritually. You will develop more power in Reiki healing. You will be freed from fear and able to get closer to a more stable and higher state.

Goals in level 3
1. Re-understanding the nature of Reiki healing
2. Practices and techniques for reaching self-establishment
3. Art of healing
4. Assists in one’s awakening

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