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How to lock the Energy or to Protect from Psychic Attack

I am sure you have experienced the feeling of instant dislike when you meet someone or had an uncomfortable feeling when in a crowd. Most of us have also experienced other people shouting and being abusive towards us. I will share a very good method of using Reiki to protect yourself from these types of negative energies.

As you know the aura surrounds our body. The aura normally extends a few decimeters from the body but if you are a Reiki practitioner your aura can extend up to a couple of meters.

Generally one can say that when interacting with other people, voluntary or involuntary, your aura will mingle with other people’s aura. Most meetings of the auras will pass by and you do not notice the interaction or feel anything. These encounters are not harmful to you or can even be beneficial. In fact the joining of the auras when it comes to people who are in love or have very strong feelings for each other are very beneficial. The problem occurs when you meet people who are not compatible with you, people who are energy leaches (taking away), too many people or you are forced into an argument etc.
Why we need to lock our energy and protect us from psychic attack from others

Here are some examples:
  • You meet someone that you instantly dislikes: This person could be what I call the leach (taking away or remove) type i.e. they try to "steal" your energy as soon as your auras touch (this person will usually not be aware of what is happening).
  • You are in a crowd or using a public transport system or similar i.e. your aura is affected by many other peoples' auras. Sometimes this feels fine sometimes not.
  • You get drawn into an argument and you can feel that the other person’s words are hurting and making you uncomfortable. That person is forcing negative energies towards you, here you will once again have an effect on your aura.
  • When you went in family functions, get-together etc. by wearing a beautiful clothes and accessories and some of them may fell jalousie.

Let us settle for these examples, I am sure you can think of many more. If we realize that there can be a problem and the aura can be affected it is fairly easy to protect oneself.

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