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How to Energize Your Food with Reiki

There’s an easy way to get Reiki into your body and make sure it reaches every cell that needs it. And this is: charge your food with healing energy.

As you eat it, the nutrients imbued with Reiki will find their way throughout your body, making it shine from within, almost literally.

Here’s one technique you can use (of course you can get creative and add your own twist here):
  • Clear your mind and enable the flow of energy
  • As you look at your food, intend, and imagine, that there is a cloud of energy a few feet above the table or dish where the food is placed
  • Charge this cloud with energy, employing the symbols to create a healthy flow
  • Intend that energy starts raining down from the cloud, on the food, permeating it and energizing it with vibrant light
  • Let the rain fall for a while
  • Draw Cho Ku Rei, end the session, and bring about the feeling of gratefulness
  • Enjoy your food
This simple technique can make wonders for your physical shape and health, if the practice becomes a habit.

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