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Cleansing your Crystals

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Cleansing your Crystals

If your crystal is not soluble, friable or layered, hold it under running water for a few minutes and place in sun or moon light for a few hours to re-energize. Delicate crystals can be cleansed in raw brown rice or with sound, light or a smudge stick. Salt can only be used if the crystal is not layered, friable or delicate.

When I should cleanse my Crystals?
  • Before using your Crystal and after you have used it (especially if you have meditated with it or used it as an curing disease )
  • When you wonder if it needs cleansing
  • When it looks or feels dirty or sticky
  • If others have handled it and you feel it has picked up some unwanted energy
  • If you have gone through a major change

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