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Dai Ko Myo (Master Symbol)

Dai-Ko-Myo: (pronounced: dye-co-me-oh) This Symbol is the “Master” Symbol and is used in all healings; self or otherwise. Dai-Ko-Myo is a traditional Reiki Symbol and is originally from Mikao Usui’s teachings.

Empowerment (Master) Symbol
In Japan, this Symbol is called Empowerment.

Types and characteristics:
Symbolizes the entire universe.

The highest Symbol in Reiki-ho.
For activating 7th Chakra.

Sound (Jumon)
Dai Ko Myo

The meaning and functions
The whole universe is made of vibration/light. The 4th Symbol has the function of transmitting subtle vibration of love, healing and harmony for all beings by resonating with conscious energy in a higher dimension.

This is considered to be a very sacred Symbol and given the highest expressions like “God inviting Symbol”, “The Symbol for guiding spiritual awakening”. But the Symbol has its value in the function of connecting to sacred being and becoming part of it.

The source (higher dimension) represented by the Symbol is honorable but the Symbol itself is just a tool.

Dai Ko Myo means "Great (Dai), Light radiated by Buddha (Ko-Myo)." Ko-Myo is a Symbol for wisdom which is light that breaks the darkness.

The Dai Ko Myo (also referred to as the Usui Master Symbol) has as its primary use the Attunement of others. Once the recipient is attuned to this Symbol, he/she has the ability to attune others into the Reiki energy.

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