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Charge Electrical Appliances with Reiki

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Charge Electrical Appliances with Reiki

Reiki is guided by intention, and we can intend to store energy “in electrical appliances” of daily use, and to have it released when the appliance is turned on.

As always these steps are just a starting point. You can get creative and follow your intuition to tweak (change) these steps.
  • Sit down comfortably and relax
  • Enable the flow of energy
  • Sketch the distance healing symbol mentally and repeat the name thrice
  • Now repeat the name of the electrical appliance that has to be treated three times and say “I hereby store the Reiki energy in (the name of the appliance). Every time this electrical appliance is turned on, let the Reiki energy flow for the highest good.”
  • Concentrate on your third eye chakra when you say these affirmations
  • Mentally draw the mental healing symbol and repeat the mantra thrice.
  • Seal everything by drawing the power symbol mentally and repeating its name three times.
  • This Reiki technique can take about two to five minutes to be completed.
What appliances to charge with Reiki?
You can perform this technique from a distance, but also directly. When using it on electrical appliance directly, remember to unplug them. Alternatively place your hands on those parts that do not have current going through them.

This technique can be used to treat anything really, from ventilators, air conditioners, radiators, to juicers, or even radios etc. You can also intend that Reiki imbues the output of that appliance, such as the air passing through the ventilator, or the juice processed by the juicer. When you breathe that air or drink that juice, the energy will flow through your body, going to every cell that needs it. Neat, isn’t it?
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