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How to Sheild your Aura from Psychic Attack

Different Methods of Protecting from Psychic Attack and Energy

There are many forms and methods of psychic protection available. Some can be quite interesting and complex involving prayer, invocations of spells, rituals and talismans (Meta-physical products of crystals). Here I am giving you a simple technique with three different variations. In each case you will visualize the aura around your body extending out about some decimeters or 5 to 10 inches or so.

If you have trouble with this mental image, feel free to use a visual aid. A drawing of the human body with an aura or egg shaped field around it would work.

The person who is reiki practioner can also use the power symbols together with any of above 3 methods.
(a) The Shield:
It is important to clean your body and auric field first. Imagine the emerald-green light coming counter clockwise into your crown chakra and spiraling down through your whole body and auric field. Tell the light to clean your bodies, your auric field, every cell of your physical body and your mind from all negative and lower energies, darkness and shadows. It leaves the body through hands and feet. At first it may be dark but after a while it is getting lighter till it has the same color when entering your crown chakra. Stop that then.

Then imagine a Violet Light or White Light (maybe with a part of golden light in it) entering your crown chakra clockwise and filling your whole body and auric field. You can then stabilize it with a bit light blue light. After that you can create the shield.

Concentrate on your heart chakra and then imagine a light peach or light orange colored egg-shaped light (at the moment with these attacks of the dark side it would be maybe better to create it with the white light). Then see yourself as a small image and place yourself inside of that light. After that see the light glimmering (becoming) metallic.

Invoke the protection with following words:
“The aura protection shield is strong and mighty and glimmering metallic on the outside. The shield is unbreakable and impenetrable (heavy or thick) from the outside by dark energies and conducts all negative energy, all physical and psychological harm, all negativity, darkness, shadows and lower energies to the earth where they will be transmuted as not convinced. The shield is penetrable for all positive energy and higher vibrations.

It is penetrable from inside to the outside.
This programming can only be renewed, reprogrammed, changed, dismissed or deleted by myself.

The programming will last twelve hours. So it will be.”

You can thank God and your angels and guides for help and support.

Some additional explanations:
The protection shield must be penetrable from inside out to preserve you by inner intoxication through your own negative emotions and used energy. If you are in a dangerous environment you can make the shield impenetrable from inside out too, but only for a very, very few hours. Otherwise you could intoxicate yourself psychological.

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