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About Crystals
Crystals and Gemstones have been eagerly sought after for thousands of years as items of beauty and items of power with mysterious gifts. There are many different ways that Crystals and other Stones have been used to enhance daily life.

Crystals and other Stones are used in healing for self and and in promoting spiritual development and for assisting with protection, to draw abundance to enhance meditation, to broadcast affirmations and to assist in psychic and spiritual communication. There is never only one way to do anything. We can explore many different forms of Crystal healing practices. Some are more effective for more people than are others but all have value.

Each Crystal or Stone has a potential of specialized gifts for us. Each can Draw in and radiate healing energy specific to each Stone and/or spiritual energies. The uses of Crystals and Stones as energy transmitters of spiritual information and vibration are almost unlimited.

This energy may be seen as being the elemental energy of the Stone itself and/or as the Spirit essence being. The conscious aspect of all Stones of a particular kind. Some people work with Crystals as tools to draw in and direct energy in a rather mechanical way as channels of abstract energies. Others may speak with and invoke the Stones as spirit entities.

Some people hold that the effect of a Stone to facilitate healing or meditation or other dimensional. We believe everything is alive and conscious but that if you do not have that belief Crystals will still work with you. You may or may not feel the energy of Crystals or hear messages from them but you can still benefit from using them and connecting with them.

What is Crystal

A Crystal is a uniform body with a geometric lattice. The varying structures of the lattice are the causes of the varying physical properties of the Crystals and therefore also of the minerals and gems. Piezoelectricity is that quality by which electricity and sometimes light is produced by compression. Many cultures and spiritual traditions have used Crystals in Ritual, often striking them to produce flashes of visible light.

Piezoelectricity is that quality of an electrified state or polarity which is produced by variation in temperature. Quartz has both piezoelectric and piezoelectric properties which mean that the polarity of Quartz Crystal will change when subject to pressure or heat as well as when held.
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