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Cards Speaks

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My next Session name is "Cards Speaks".
 (Those student who learn from Master Kalpesh Dave will be eligible for this Course session)

Topic will be covered

1.   What is Card Speak

2.   How to Understand the Cards – Meaning and Art
3.   To make your own Card deck
4.   How to think of design on card (Text & Art)
5.   How to make your various set of cards
6.   How to make a 7 seven chakra set Card Deck
7.   How to make easy card Deck to get your answer soon
8.   How to make a Remedies card Deck
9.   How to Use the cards
10. How to Protect you and your Cards Deck
11. General instruction before card spread
12. How to shuffle the cards
13. How to spread the cards (Simple & Advance)
14. How to analyze the cards
15. How to identify the problems
16. How to give the Remedies
17. How to heal any one through cards
18. How to make a Card girding to heal
19. How to perform the healing through cards
20. Card cleaning and charging
21. Balancing for Card Reading
22. How to end the session of Cards Speaks

Course will be conduct only in language HINDI
Small Card Spread Booklet will be provided
No card or Deck will be provided (you need to make it your own after learning the course)
No Certificate will be provided

Course Fess Rs. 1750/-
Course Date :- 12-June-2016
Course Timing From:- 11am to 6pm (Lunch & Refreshment Included)
Course Venue :- Life with Colours

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Melody Play
 1. Reiki Music 1 - Kalpesh Dave Jivraj
 2. Japan music - for Reiki
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