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Angel Therapy Classes and Courses Fees

Angel Therapy Course Fees and Duration

We all have our own angel guider, but we don’t know how to connect with them, so to connect with them and to make an angel as a great friend in your life, then learn Angel Therapy, know how to connect to an angel, how to call them for help, for healing, and to share your thoughts to a trust one. Know more about the Angel therapy course fees and the duration of class.

Angel Therapy Basic Level - Part 1

Angel Therapy Advance Level - Part 2

Basic Level – Part 1

What is Angels?
What is an Angel Therapy?
What is Angel Healing?
Help from the Angels
What do Angels look like?
Your Angels are Always with You
Your Angels Want to Help You
Your Angels have the Ability to Help You
The Nine Choirs of Angels
Calling all Angel
Introductions to Archangels
Identifying the Archangels
Interacting with Archangels
The Archangels in Sacred Texts
How Many Archangels Are There?
Your Guardian Angels’ Name
Talking with Angels
Handling and Healing Ego-Based Fears
The Four "Clairs"
What’s Your "Primary Clair"?
Clearing Your Clairs
What is Angle Prayer?
Prayers to Specific Angels
Benefits of Angelic Guidance
Steps to making communication with the Angels in reality
My Angel Guidance Manifesto
Angel Communication and Wealth

Angel Card Reading
How does one learn this skill?
Frequently Asked Questions

Advance Level – Part 2

Angelic Guidance is Free
You Are Entitled to Your Angels’ Help
Angelic Guidance is Always Good for You in Some Way
The Angels Want for You What You Want for You
The Angel Reiki System
Angel Reiki Prayer/ Healing Session

Angelic Attunement
The Attunement Process
Angel Communication
Connecting with your Angel
Clairvoyance or Clear Seeing
Clairsentience or Clear Feeling
Claircognizance, or Clear Thinking
Clairaudience or Clear Hearing
Signs from Angels
Angelic Protection
Angels help us find what we are looking for
Angelic help with Relationship
Angelic help for your Career and Life Purpose
Healing with Angels
Emotional Healing
Angels on Erath
Angel Invocations
How to call Angel / Invitation to your Angel
Angel Ritual -Letter Writing our Guardian Angel
Summoning the Angels
Prayer for Exorcism
Specific Angel Prayer
Angel Rosary
Angel Meditation
Dreaming with Angel
The Angelic Elevator
Connecting With Your Angel Just Before Healing
To have a relationship with a Healing Angel
Crystal Angels
How can I open wider to the Energy of my Angel/ Guide or allow them to do their work through me?
Angelic Time
Angel Healing Therapy
Angel Message for all

How to teach the Angel Therapy to others
Frequently Asked Questions

Material Provided
Angel Therapy Manual in english
Products related to angels

Material Provided
Angel Therapy Manual in english
Products related to angels

5-6 hurs - 1 day

5-6 hurs - 1 day

11.00 am to 4.00 pm

11.00 am to 6.00 pm

Course Fees
INR Rs. 5,000/-

Course Fees
INR Rs. 10,000/-

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