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Chirtmas offers

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Now find the best offer plans / courses in this CHRISTMAS FESTIVALS

Discount offers as follows: -
1)   For Single person - 10% for any course
2)   For Couples / Partners - 15% for any course
3)   For 3 person or more - 20% for any course
4)   Doing more than 3 course then get 25% off

Note: - This partner / couple discount is available in the group made by you not from Master.


For Reiki Therapy - all are one day course
Basic Level 1 – Fees is Rs. 2500/-
Advance Level 2- Fees is Rs. 3500/-
Practioner Level 3- fees is Rs. 5000/-
Mastership Level 4- fees is Rs. 25,000/-
Grandmaster level 5&6 Fees is Rs. 20,000/-
Details you are the topics cover then visit reiki courses and fees

For Crystal therapy (2 days course)
Course fees is Rs. 10,000/-
Details you are the topics cover then visit crystal therapy courses and fees

For Angel Therapy
Basic level 1 – fees are Rs. 5000/- (one-day course)
Advance Level 2 Fees is Rs. 10,000/- (one-day course)
Details you are the topics cover then visit Angel therapy courses and fees

For Candle Therapy (2 days Course)
Fees is Rs. 15,000/-
Details you are the topics cover then visit Candle therapy courses and fees

For pendulum dowsing (one-day course)
Fees is Rs. 5000/-
Details you are the topics cover then visit Pendulum Dowsing courses and fees

So why you are waiting???? Just book and learn grab the best offer. offer is only for valid till 20 December, 2018….

Note - As u need to learn before 20 December, 2018 no booking will be allowed for discount offers after 20 December, 2018

For more details you can call me on 09819279752

Thank and Regards,
Kalpesh Dave
Life with Colours,
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