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Namrata Rathod
2020-10-23 21:56:34
You are not just a MASTER to me but an inspiration. lucky to have you as a Guru and a best friend too. Who brings always great and real truth of life and spirituality for me and my family. 😇
Thank you so much for being my Sailor in the ocean of Knowledge and thank you for being that Celestial fire to lighten my path of darkness. In very simple way you make me understand the karmas which I am suffering and I get the way to release that karma easily.
At the start of each day I always thanks to Mahadev and Maa 🙏 for blessing me, you as my Guru . You are always there for something to be greatful.
Hearty thanks 🙏 for counting me and my family in your prayers and blessings always.
Bless you and your family with lots of love and happiness 🙌
Vidhi Shah
2020-09-25 11:25:05
I completed my Reiki Level 1 with Kalpesh Sir & inspite of attending course via Skype, due to Covid, I felt such strong connection & energy. Kalpesh Sir is very sincere & devoted to his teachings. Very genuine person & I am grateful to have met him. Hoping to complete other levels & courses with him in future.
Vibhuti Purohit
2020-09-17 13:24:49
I have learnt crystal healing course from Kalpesh sir and let me tell you all it’s one of the amazing healing modality I have learnt.
Every time I use crystal grids for my client it has shown amazing results and about Kalpesh sir he is someone who will teach you everything from the basics and also teach everything which is related to the particular subject.. he is an amazing teacher will amazing knowledge and very patient to answer each and every question throughly.
Dr. Deepa Reddy
2020-09-16 11:37:56
Kalpesh sir is very knowledgeable and clear in the subject . The videos are very simple and neatly presented. It was very refreshing, relaxing and a healing process. I was very satisfied with the knowledge imparted. May god bless him and his knowledge touch everyone that comes in contact with him.I thank the divine source for sending me Kalpesh ji in this journey of self assessment and gaining knowledge in the form of reiki. God bless sir ji . Thank you
Snehal Kamble
2020-08-17 23:23:54
Kalpeshji has an I depth knowledge of the the subject he is teachings. His vdos were very user friendly.. Very simple yet affective way of teaching he has. Most importantly he is a very kind, low profile person. He has satisfied me in regards to reiki knowledge to great extent.. God bless him with all the holiness 🙏May his knowledge touches to everyone in life.. Sorry for my delay in the testimony🙏
Kunda Bhandare
2020-08-04 10:19:20
Kalpeshji is very talented & genuine Reiki Master, when he teach reiki he given his 100% knowlege of its effects/side effects. He teach the student deeply.He is very kind person. Divine always bless him & his family with pure love & light energy.
2020-07-07 21:54:16
Kalpesh sir sye achha aur koi reiki nahi sikha sakta...
Myene unsye reiki 2, 3 rd level sikha hye..

2020-07-07 21:53:21
Kalpesh sir sye achha aur koi reiki nahi sikha sakta...
Myene unsye reiki 2, 3 rd level sikha hye..
Manohar Shankar Jadhav
2020-07-07 15:03:49
I got Kalpesh ji Number from my sister in law, who already done courses from sir, first of all I don't believe in all this. But finally decided to lets check. So I enrolled myself for first rekhi level. And frankly speaking It was a wonderful experience. The miracle come after doing grounding, self healing which I cant explain in word. Now I also started doing yoga meditation and healing and also teach my family. Thanks Kalpesh sir who is always guiding us and motivate us positive thinking. Now we can our life with colour is beautiful.
Sandeep Vaijapurkar
2020-07-06 16:42:28
Transformative sessions....
I met Kalpesh ji 5 years ago for Reiki level 1 , 2 and 3 and then crystal therapy and recently in June’20 Angel therapy basic and Angel therapy Advance.
Kalpesh ji has been a very knowledgeable person and his guidance through all these courses has always proven to be valuable. He has authority on each subject he teaches us.
He makes things very easy and simple to understand . During any course more than 100% means not only stick with syllabus also provides extra knowledge.While teaching
he is very energetic and enthusiastic with open running subject that the knowledge he imparts to us is highly precious.
I had visited Kalpeshji's house at Mumbai as well as and in Vadodara .His mother and wife Megha ji both takecare of the students very nicely and make you feel at home.
It is not only me my wife-Medha , son-Kaushik also have learnt form him.
I have experienced my life transformation over a period of time, and Kalpesh ji was a guiding light during this process.
One can completely relay and easily have faith on him, he can help one and all in really a manner where you will be motivated to practice and follow the divine power and to heal yourself and society or whatever you have in your mind (according to you, Whatever you want to improve in your life).
I feel he can give u that energy and divine guidance for whatever you need.
Thank you Kalpesh ji for accepting me as your student. You have some pure bright energy that attracts me to you. I have not met a teacher in the felid like you. Thank you for helping me. Hope we have this same bond and I want to be in your guidance more and more! So that I can help and heal myself! And others
Thank you thank you thank you.
Lots and love and gratitude!!!
with best regards
Sandeep P. Vaijapurkar
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