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27 Aug 2021
I recently got to Learn Angel Therapy and I am so lucky that my Master/Guru was Kalpesh Dave. He is such and inspirational person !!!! packed with unlimited knowledge and resources. The attunement process was really good and he did not at all make it feel like it was a distance attunement. I felt as if he was in front of me during the entire learning phase. Kaplesh Dave is someone who wants to share and spreed his knowledge to all and everyone . He goes beyond normal teaching, giving benefits and the actual reason behind his teachings. He has lot of patience and enjoys what he does.
Thank you so much and I wish that you prosper in life and achieve all your goals and desires.
Shweta Bamane
21 Apr 2021
I Learnt Reiki Level I & II from Kalpesh Sir, Online. He is the best Spiritual Teacher. I Like his You tube Videos of Reiki Level I. He is giving in-dept knowledge through his teaching. He is very genuine person. I feel blessed to associate with Life with Colours. I thank him and to the Universe. Thank you Sir.
Sangita Pant
19 Mar 2021
I very recently finished by Level 1 Reiki from Mr. Kalpesh Dave. He is a genuine and very knowledgeable teacher and I got to learn a lot from him during the first level itself. Whatever he teaches and facts that he shares are always backed with a logical and scientific reasoning. He is a true 'Guru'. I am looking g forward to learning all tge levels of Reiki from Life With Colours.
I am also amazed at the level of professionalism with regards to study material like videos and the book, as they show how much I depth study and efforts have gone into it. I have never seen this kind of dedication towards the students anywhere else. Looking forward to start the next level soon!
31 Jan 2021
I learnt Reiki 1 from Kalpesh Sir and it was an amazing diving experience. He is very talented and knowledgeable and answers all questions with so much patience. He makes everything so easy to understand. The best thing about this course was I learnt more than what I expected. He taught me Reiki 1 level no doubt but also gave a lot of information on life and reality. Kalpesh sir is a perfect Guru and I thank him for giving me opportunity to learn from him. Lots of gratitude and God bless him always.
Sandeepa Batiwala
21 Dec 2020
I have learnt Reiki Level 1,2,3 and Mastership level with
Mr. Kalpeshh Dave. He is the best Reiki Master one can learn from. He is so generous in distributing his knowledge and makes the learning session fun with his good sense of humour. He has been my inspiration for being a good teacher and Meditation coach. I express my whole hearted gratitude for accepting me as his student and passing on his knowledge to me. May God shower his blessings on Kalpesh sir and his family always.
Namrata Rathod
02 Dec 2020
I have learned the Mastership level from Mr. Kalpesh Dave . This is the first time when I got the distance Attunement. But really want to say k I really feel your presence like you are in front of me and giving me the Attunement. Just want to say that like always this time also I enjoyed the Attunement with lots of light and blessings . Feeling so great that this time I feel the presence of other Masters too.
Thank you so much for making me a Master. Hope with all the knowledge I gain from you will spread as much as possible for me. After becoming a Reiki Channel the life changes so hard in beginning but now it's so beautiful. Thanks for the vision giving me to see the real beauty of life greatfully.
I wish k many people learn from you and make their life wonderful with gaining knowledge and blessings from you.
Once again Thank you .
Bless you and your family πŸ™Œ
Namrata Rathod
23 Oct 2020
You are not just a MASTER to me but an inspiration. lucky to have you as a Guru and a best friend too. Who brings always great and real truth of life and spirituality for me and my family. πŸ˜‡
Thank you so much for being my Sailor in the ocean of Knowledge and thank you for being that Celestial fire to lighten my path of darkness. In very simple way you make me understand the karmas which I am suffering and I get the way to release that karma easily.
At the start of each day I always thanks to Mahadev and Maa πŸ™ for blessing me, you as my Guru . You are always there for something to be greatful.
Hearty thanks πŸ™ for counting me and my family in your prayers and blessings always.
Bless you and your family with lots of love and happiness πŸ™Œ
Vidhi Shah
25 Sep 2020
I completed my Reiki Level 1 with Kalpesh Sir & inspite of attending course via Skype, due to Covid, I felt such strong connection & energy. Kalpesh Sir is very sincere & devoted to his teachings. Very genuine person & I am grateful to have met him. Hoping to complete other levels & courses with him in future.
Vibhuti Purohit
17 Sep 2020
I have learnt crystal healing course from Kalpesh sir and let me tell you all it’s one of the amazing healing modality I have learnt.
Every time I use crystal grids for my client it has shown amazing results and about Kalpesh sir he is someone who will teach you everything from the basics and also teach everything which is related to the particular subject.. he is an amazing teacher will amazing knowledge and very patient to answer each and every question throughly.
Dr. Deepa Reddy
16 Sep 2020
Kalpesh sir is very knowledgeable and clear in the subject . The videos are very simple and neatly presented. It was very refreshing, relaxing and a healing process. I was very satisfied with the knowledge imparted. May god bless him and his knowledge touch everyone that comes in contact with him.I thank the divine source for sending me Kalpesh ji in this journey of self assessment and gaining knowledge in the form of reiki. God bless sir ji . Thank you
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