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Solutions to Improve Your Reiki Practice

Reiki is a fascinating practice. As we turn over more deeply into it, we find there is always more to experience, more to learn, and deeper levels of ourselves to explore and heal. We are blessed with unlimited potential and are fortunate to have such a wonderful tool as Reiki to help us explore and develop our true nature. As we respect and cherish Reiki, it reveals its secrets to us.

  • Practice your skills on regular basis to get experienced with Reiki.
  • Choose a right position or posture for treating the other person by hand-on treatment.
  • Choose an appropriate Reiki method to give attunement to others. Always learn whatever seems interesting to you.
  • Start your practice with a prayer and ask for strengthening of Reiki energy from the Almighty.
  • Choose lay-down or sitting position for your client according to your personalized comfort level and then begin the process. You can’t do well, till there is appropriate comfort level for you and your client.
  • If you are at learning stage, it is essential to choose a right school or practitioner to get best from your Reiki efforts.
  • Don’t stop practicing Reiki as you will not gain any kind of experience by not implementing your skills. You can always try self-healing, distance healing and hand-on healing methods to learn and implement the techniques well.
  • Try next levels of Reiki on yourself first and then think about implementing it on others.

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