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Products and Services

About Us

About Products:

We deal in all types of Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones.
We also deal in all types of Metaphysical Products.

We also deal in all types of Rough stones, Rocks, Tumble Stone, Crystals, Clusters, Slabs, Spheres, Pendants, Chakra set, Wands stick, Pendulum, Bracelet, Malas, Beads, Seven Chakra set, 7 Chakra, Gemstones Necklace, Angles, Tower, Phantom, Pyramid, Earring etc types of shapes.

We choose from thousands of loose Gemstones and Crystals in a variety of cuts, sizes styles and prices. We supply gemstones and crystal in all shapes, sizes, cuts, qualities, from commercial stones to high end grade at extremely reasonable and affordable prices. If you cannot find what you want on our website, please do not hesitate to make a request and tell us exactly what you need. We can look through our stock and ask our source to find any stone you need. It will be our pleasure to fulfil your requirements and budget.

For more details about the Products
On Gemstones – Click here
On Crystals – Click here

For more details about the Products
On Gemstones – Click here
On Crystals – Click here

About Services:

We Conduct Traditional Reiki Classes – Reiki level I, II, III(3A), IV(3B) Usui Grand Master Reiki Levels V and VI.
Also Teach Angel Therapy, Crystal Therapy and Candle Therapy.
Teach various types of Meditation.
Teach Secrets Mind Powers techniques.
Do Distance Healing and Distance Attunements.
Healing through Angels.
Do Angle Card Reading.

Chakra clearance and balancing, using Reiki techniques.
Full body healing and chakra balancing through Crystals and Gemstones
Do Crystal Gemstones Griding for Physical Healing and Property Healing
Do Intuitive reading and Pendulum Dowsing.
Energy clearing of homes, Office, Land or any Property.
Do Aura Cleaning and Healing.
See Vastu of House and office.
We provide much more services in spirituality.
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