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Practice, practice, practice. Just as you have learned anything. Pray for guidance, insight. Remain open to the skill and allow it to come to you. Remember, all knowledge is already with in you. All you need to do is access it. When you are learning, you are doing nothing more than remembering what you already know.

Skill comes with repetition, as in flying an airplane or riding a bicycle. You can already know how to ride a bicycle in your brain but skill comes with practice of it. Knowledge will come to you in many ways. Through study. Through dreams. Through experience. All will be there for you when you manifest the desire. In order to connect with us in writing, all you need to do is pray, breathe, listen, write, accept, and follow your inner knowing and trust.

We will work with you whether you are aware of it or not. And how will you know that it is us? When the possibilities are endless.

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