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Medha Chavan

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Magnified Healing
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Profile Details About:- Medha Chavan

My name is Medha Chavan also known as Neeyati S Chavan conducting, I am an energy healer, Pendulum Dowser, Angel Card Reader, teaching traditional reiki therapy in Thane. In addition to Reiki I do intuitive readings and energy cleansing of homes and office areas/work places,chakra cleansing and balancing.

I am an Reiki master/grand master residing in Thane, Mumbai . I also deal in crystals and gemstones products in Thane.
Following are the streams that I have learnt:-
1) Usui Reiki level 1 to Grand Master level 6.
2) Pendulum Dowsing.
3.) Angel Card Reading.
4.) Crystal Therapy

Terms & conditions:
1) Distance healing payment has to be done in advance by cash or through bank transfer (NEFT).
2) In & around Thane travelling charges will be levied according to the distance (applicable only to physical healing) on everyday basis.

Course Name / Level


Fees Amount

Reiki Level 1
(Beginner Hand Healing)

Manual + Certificate + Gift

Time 5-6 hrs (1 Day Course)
Can be split into two days.


Reiki Level 2
(Advance Practioner)

Manual + Certificate + Gift

Time 5-6 hrs (2 Day Course)


Reiki Level 3
(Master Practioner)

Manual + Certificate + Gift

Time 4-5 hrs (2 Day Course)


Service Offer / Description

Time / Hours

Fees Amount

Pendulum dowsing for career, relationships, abundance, health, wealth, marriage

For 3 questions


Physically cleansing, healing, single chakra of your body

30 Minutes

Rs. 250/-

Physically full body chakra clearing and balancing using reiki

45 Minutes

Rs. 1500/-

Physically full body chakra clearing using reiki and crystal therapy

45 Minutes

Rs. 1750/-

Physically full body chakra clearing using reiki, crystal therapy and aroma therapy

1 Hours

Rs. 2000/-

Physically full body chakra clearing and balancing through Attunement

1 Hours

Rs. 1250/-

The above treatments can be done along with aura swapping also. Aura swapping would costs you an additional Rs.500/- to every treatment.

Distance Healing Charges for

For a single person or a specific single event like physical. Emotional, spiritual, mental balancing, interview/ surgery, operation, business issue/ relationship issue/ location clearing, crystal gemstone charging.

Days for healing / treatment

1 Day

7 Days

14 Days

30 Days


30 Minutes    

30 Minutes   

30 Minutes   

30 Minutes   


Rs. 150/-

Rs. 1050/-

Rs. 2000

Rs. 3000/-


The above rates may change without any prior notice.
Life with Colours is not responsible for any fluctuation in rates / Price / courses / address / services / results which get after services etc....

For more details contact to Medha Chavan

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